Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

When you’re looking for a television stand, you’d want to buy one that will be able to establish itself as the main focal point in your living room, theater, game room or wherever you prefer to watch television. Some TV stands are built to fade out while some of them, for example, the Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand are built to stand out.

The Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand is mainly invented to function with televisions that are up to 50″ in size and can support televisions that weigh up to 60 pounds. It’s highly functional and includes not only closed storage but also open storage. Let’s talk more about the key features of this TV stand.

Key Features

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The American Home Carson TV Stand comes with an attractive modern design. Moreover, you can afford it at a very reasonable price. It features a good looking modern style with both open and closed storage.

You’ll find it designed with many finishes such as flat black, two-tone cherry and black, lighter Sonoma oak, espresso wood finish, etc. It also comes with support posts made of metal. The center of this stand is adjustable and remains open. The cabinet doors of this unit can stay shut with the help of magnets. Therefore, they’re easily able to keep the sides closed.

The top of this stand is separated from the main body by a number of metal support posts. As a result, an open area is created which you can use to keep extra home theater equipment, game consoles, etc.

Setup Process

The setup process of this stand can be done easily. All you have to do is screw the legs and support tubes into places to set this up. Once you’re finished screwing them into their respective places, the remaining parts of this unit will be able to secure themselves together by using a cam and lock system.

If you want to do this alone, then it will take you less than an hour to assemble it fully. However, the manufacturer strongly recommends that it should be done by two people, as this unit includes some components that are very heavy to carry. Having an extra set of hands will get this done quickly.

When you’re going to assemble it, you’ll find the cabinet doors very hard to attach. They use high-quality hinges that are able to last long. Moreover, the handles are highly durable, as they’re made of metal.

When you’re installing them, you’d have to reach the screws to attach the hinges. This process might make you feel a little bit awkward. If you’re unable to attach them in this process, you should try to adjust them. However, adjusting them can also be complicated and time and energy-consuming.


The Ameriwood Home Carson Stands are practically made from solid particleboard, which is also commonly known as low-density fiberboard. It’s not an ideal for this unit, as it reduces the amount of weight this unit can hold cautiously.

Moreover, powder-coated metal is used to make the feet and support posts. Therefore, these parts are able to provide the stand with a nice visual flair.


This stand can easily accommodate a 50-inch television. It can also withhold smaller television. Besides, when you’re accommodating a 40-inch television on this stand, you’ll be even provided with enough space to place your speakers beside your television.

However, if you try to place a humongous television on this unit, it’ll hang over the sides. So, don’t place a television that is larger than 55 inches at most.

Moreover, if you have a television that weighs more than 60 pounds, then you should buy a larger stand than this as this stand is made from low-density fiberboard and the manufacturing company of this stand suggests using a maximum load of 60 lbs. So, if you place anything heavier than 60 pounds, then it’s likely to get weakened.


The Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand will provide you with excellent usability in your day-to-day use. The height of this stand is good enough and the size is pretty much perfect for a 50-inch television. The open space and the shelves that are situated under the television and in the center of the unit, respectively, will give you plenty of room for storing game consoles, home theater gear and more.

If the hinges of the cabinets are adjusted properly, then they’ll be able to open and close themselves smoothly and provide a nice amount of hidden storage if you want to keep extra cables or anything else hidden.


This unit has been given the ability to provide you with a sturdy base for your television and home theater gear. Since the base is very big, it’s able to stay rock solid on both carpets and hard floorings like tiles, vinyl, etc.

In addition, this stand comes with at least six metal support posts. They’re also able to offer the stand a great amount of stability.

Cable Management

Although it doesn’t include any advanced cable management features, it comes with large slots that are cut in the back. This part of the unit will enable you to pass cables through easily. If you prefer to keep everything as neat as possible, then you should zip tie the television power cord and input cables to the center support. Therefore, you’ll be able to hide them from view.


  • Solid
  • Durable
  • Provides sufficient amount of storage
  • Easy to put together


  • Weight capacity isn’t great


  1. Q) What are the dimensions of this stand?

Ans: The dimensions of this stand are: 20.5” H x 47.2” W x 15.75” D

  1. Q) How tall is this stand?

Ans: This stand is 20” tall.

  1. Q) How many DVD’s can the center part hold?

Ans: The center part can hold 18 DVDs between both rows.

  1. Q) What tools are used to assemble this piece?

Ans: A screwdriver and the provided Allan key are used to assemble this piece.

Final Thoughts

The Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand is a decent choice if you have a TV that isn’t larger than 50 inches and doesn’t weigh more than 60 pounds. It’s one of the best stands that are available at a cheap price in the market. So, if you like this type of metal and wood structure, then you should definitely buy this piece.

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