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In the olden days, people used to chain their books to shelves with hidden spines. At least, they’d keep their loads of knowledge safely for years. Now, we are in a different era, and everything seems to be easy. Today, the internet is here where we store most of our books.

However, a different lot has decided to remain with the old system, but they’ve made it better. Not for storing books but for numerous functions.

And therefore, I bet you also want to be among those who are styled up, with a proper arrangement of fun stuff the likes of; games, DVDs and the rest.

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So, let’s be frank and say that every other homeowner desire to have a proper, descent and arranged house. And the perfect example of decency is the storage cabinet.

And not just a cabinet, but the Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet which comes with a motley of qualities attached to it.

Therefore, when you visit someone’s home, it’s a natural thing that you’ll be interested in checking out the books, CDs, video games and DVDs.

Therefore, since the storage cabinet portrays much about the homeowner, it’ll be of good interest of the owner that they make it as fashionable as possible.

And for the perfection to be complete, the Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage cabinet has got just all the requirements to nail it.

Summary of the product

The Atlantic manufactured Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet is just designed in a more advanced manner that makes it a’ home depot’ on its own, possessing all the qualities of a perfect cabinet.

The drawbridge cabinet only weighs 17.8 pounds and provides a warranty and support offer upon purchase, with the aim of catering for any wreckage that may occur.

With a measurement of (36.1by 7 by 19.2), the cabinet has been designed artistically hence, making it be the most appropriate art for organized living.

The Atlantic storage is the kind of cabinet that gives you room to properly store a good number of your media collection in a more modern and unique way.

The cabinet contains adjustable shelves that are ideal for any other storage requirements; hence guarantees you a stylish and customized storage display.

The Key Benefit of the Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet Atlantic Drawbridge Media Size

The Atlantic Media Cabinet; is an essential instrument that plays a significant role in the house, the main being a piece of ‘multimedia storage equipment.’

Nevertheless, despite being a multimedia store the cabinet posses numerous quality benefits, that make it one of the most sought-for multimedia units in today’s market.

Let’s dig deep into the benefits.

The Drawbridge Media Storage is perfectly confined in such a way that, albeit it can store such items, it at the same time saves on space

It has a high storage capacity thus can accommodate;

  • 132 PS3|PS4 games
  • 108 DVDs
  • 132 Blu-rays
  • 108 Wii games
  • 240 CDs

The Drawbridge is one of the most cost-friendly cabinets which come with two fixed and four adjustable shelves for storage purposes.

The high standard construction of the unit makes it long-lasting hence can last for years without any defect whatsoever.

The unit is also robust and rigid enough because of the steel and wood base construction, which in turn provides it with stability.

The Drawbridge cabinet is optimized to utilize the vertical space in place of horizontal.

The unit eases work within the room in that, the video games and movie collection is on display within your reach.

Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage amazon

Features of the Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet

  • Aesthetic and Sleek: The transitional style has completely finalized with a black colour and a very glossy surface that brings out the beauty in it.
  • Durable and Lightweight: The cabinet is constructed with a composite wood which tends to make it long-lasting.
  • Customized display: Because of the adjustable shelves, there is an endless offer of personalized options for decorations and storage.
  • Designed to save on space: The unit is configured in such a way that it only requires a small area to be installed, but at the same time provide optimum storage for the multimedia collection.
  • The cabinet unit has been configured in such a classic design that compliments every kind of home décor.
  • It contains adjustable shelves for efficiency in an organization.
  • The storage unit is a compact frame that can fit almost anywhere within the house.
  • It enables easy assembly.
  • It is elegantly finished in black colour.
  • It is imported.

Since the Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Unit is a universal cabinet, it is being used by many different individuals from various places.

After the use of the unit, a sample of the customers made comments on the experience they had with the cabinet.


  1. It is the most appropriate, especially for a temporary apartment because of its portability.
  2. The unit is lightweight, plus easy to assemble and dissemble.
  3. The shiny black colour adds fashion in it, making it more modern.
  4. The price of the cabinet is fair enough, especially when compared to its elegant features.
  5. It does not take much space, plus the top is large enough that any sizeable plant or even a decorative item can be placed onto it.


  1. The unit is only designed to accommodate; DVDs, CDS AND BlueRay discs only. So, any other irrelevant item such as books may not fit properly into the shelves. That is because their depths are enormous enough and can only sustain the aforementioned media formats.
  2. The cabinet may topple in case too much weight is placed on top of it.
  3. Too much time may be taken to build it if the instructions are not carefully read and understood.

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There you go! Now let’s evade it altogether.

In order to have your perfect home depository; everything has been narrowed down for you to erase any doubt about the Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet.

From the shiny black colour to the sleek surface, modern design and the other enormous qualities, the cabinet comes as a gift hamper plus an insane price tag attached to it. So now, the next move is yours.

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