MEGAFUTURE Wood Pattern Portable Wardrobe Closet – Ideal Storage Organizer Cube

Portable furniture will always be in demand, especially if you live in a rented apartment or like to move from one place to another quite often. Here we are going to review of  MEGAFUTURE Wood Pattern Portable Wardrobe Closet for your lovely home.

Relocating to a different area in a town or moving to another town altogether can be a hassle when you have too many items to transport.

But the good news is that you can always purchase portable furniture that can easily be opened up and assembled in a matter of minutes.

MEGAFUTURE Wood Pattern Portable Wardrobe Closet

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The portable wardrobe closet by MEGAFUTURE is a very popular item at the moment and we thought it would be worth checking it out for our readers. Today you are going to read our complete MEGAFUTURE Wood Pattern Portable Wardrobe Closet reviews.

If you have a small bedroom, then this will be an excellent piece of furniture to own as it’s compact and will not take up much floor space.

Product Over-View:

The wardrobe has wood patterned doors and walls that give full closure from all sides. The whole unit is held together with steel pipes. This particular model comes with 12 cubes that offer sufficient storage space for clothes, shoes, boxes, toys and lots of other personal items.

Assembly is quick and easy, you only need to click and join the pieces together to complete building the whole closet in minutes.

Specifications and Features:

Product Dimensions:

It is a 12 cube closet and the dimensions for each cube is 35cm (width) x 45cm (depth) x 35cm (height)

The whole wardrobe, with the connectors connected with have the following measurements: 111cm (width) x 47cm (depth) x 148cm (height)

Size and Storage MEGAFUTURE Wood Pattern Portable Wardrobe Closet size image

While this MEGAFUTURE Wood Pattern Portable Wardrobe Closet may not be too spacious but it is ideal for small rooms like the study, guestroom, kid’s room or even a small main bedroom.

You can store anything inside, with space for folded clothes, as well as hanging clothes.

One of the best features with a DIY closet such as this one is that you can build it according to your own preference and requirements. You can use up all the pieces and have all 12 cubes built if you are looking for more shelves to keep folded clothes and other items organized. Or you could leave some shelves out to create length for hanging clothes. This way you can easily store your ironed shirts, trousers and dresses without worrying about causing wrinkles on them.

Chic and Modern Design

If you don’t like the look of bulky furniture, then you will love the look and design of this closet.

With clean lines and no fancy patterns, the overall look is modern, simple and very smart. It can complement the modern bedroom very well and even add some style to the room.

The neutral color of the doors and walls also ensures that the closet blends well with any home décor and other surrounding items.

Easy Maintenance

You can keep your portable wardrobe in perfect condition without much effort. All components are waterproof and dust-resistant. You can wipe the shelves with a slightly wet cloth if you need to remove any stubborn dirt or stain, otherwise just dusting it or using a clean and dry soft cloth will be enough.

If you ever need to move the wardrobe to another room, then you shouldn’t have any problems with the disassembly/assembly because there are no complicated steps to follow or use of any hi-tech tools involved.

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The panels are environmental resin, all the materials used to build this product are eco-friendly and chemical-free.  You can bring one and set it in your home without worrying about causing any harm to your family.

However, there may be small pieces that would be best to keep away from children.  For safety reasons, always assemble the unit when the kids are not around and make sure you store away any extra parts that are leftover.

Depending on how you assemble the wardrobe, you may need the extra parts for future use.


  • Ideal for rented apartments
  • Very lightweight and easily movable
  • Do-it-yourself assemble
  • You can assemble the unit with all 12 cubes to make enough shelves for storing folded clothes, toys and other items, or leave a few shelves out to create space to hang clothes.
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made from eco-friendly materials


  • Not designed to hold heavy items or clothes
  • Assembly may be tricky for some, especially when deciding on what style will suit your specific needs
  • According to some customers, it took some time to get the doors to align during set-up
  • There has been reports of the cubes not staying put, especially with a bit of extra load

MEGAFUTURE Wood Pattern Portable Wardrobe Closet size image amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to assemble the whole unit?

-It depends on how you customize the wardrobe to fit your needs but on average it would take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes.

Will it be possible to have the product anchored to the wall?

-This wardrobe is not designed to be anchored to the wall. It is a portable and lightweight product that you can assemble and set at any part of a room, preferably in a bedroom where space is limited.

How stable is it?

-It is quite stable if the assembly is done right, and by following the instructions well. However, given that the unit is not very heavy and is made up of many pieces put together, we would recommend keeping little children from playing with it or storing too many heavy items inside.

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Final Verdict

The idea of a portable wardrobe is a great one and this product is surely made to satisfy the needs of people seeking a closet or storage unit that they can easily move from one place to another and assemble without any difficulties.

But having said that, you must bear in mind that this wardrobe is not designed for rough usage or to store too many/heavy items. It is ideal for a small bedroom where you need some extra storage to keep your belongings but it might not be able to withstand too much pressure or overload of items.

It is definitely one of the strongest and well-designed portable closets on the market but with limited usage.

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