ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

So you had a long day. After a nice warm bath, you ease into what you hope would be a relaxing sleep only to find it wanting and leaving you feeling black and blue all over the morning after because your bed is not as cloud nine comfortable as you had fantasized it to be. We are going to know about Viscosoft gel memory foam mattress topper by this post.

A long day or any given day should not end with you sleeping on a bed of rocks. Instead of tossing your mattress out, you can choose to get mattress toppers such as the ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper to achieve that cozy slumber.

This product review would give you detailed insights on what to expect in this simple yet surprisingly awesome innovation.

These are things that the ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is offering that are worth considering:

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Sizing and Models

Alone? Married? Or maybe you and your family sleep on one-bed occasionally just for fun or the needed bonding time, no worries there as this mattress comes in all sizes.

This mattress topper comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

You can also take your pick from the following models based on your desired firmness and density:

  • Medium
  • Response Gel Foam Mattress Topper – 2″ or 3″ Gel-infused Memory Foam. Thickness: 2″ or 3″
  • Medium – Soft
  • Select High-Density Mattress Topper – 3″ 3.5 PCF Gel-infused Memory Foam with bamboo rayon cover. Thickness: 4″
  • Serene Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Topper – 2 1/2″ 2.5 PCF Gel-infused Memory Foam encased in 100% Cotton Sateen (300TC). Thickness: 2″
  • Medium – Firm
  • Response Plush Gel Foam Mattress Topper – 2″ Gel-infused Memory Foam. Thickness: 3″

You have the option to share the comfort of your bed to your loved ones creating memories one night at a time but something you’ll cherish forever.


Although it is heavier compared to other alternatives, it is also heavier in savings. Lighter memory foam toppers may only last a fraction of the time compared to heavy mattress toppers and therefore, would need to be replaced more often, costing you more. Peace of mind is what we’re looking for when coming home and resting for the night and peace of mind is what we’re getting with all the savings you get from this efficient mattress.

Temperature Neutrality

The ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper has ventilated holes that allow steady airflow, regulate temperature which makes it breathable. Now that’s every hot sleeper’s dream.

If you find foam surfaces to be heat traps, you can choose to get one with a breathable cover made of bamboo rayon or cotton. That will allow easy maintenance of your mattress topper as the covers are removable and washable. The cover also has adjustable straps that keep the mattress cover in place while you drift off.

Who would’ve thought that technology is not only helping us through our electronic devices but also in something so basic as our beds.

Motion Transfer Isolation

Now if your bed feels like a WWE ring next to a body-slamming Mr./Ms. Toss-and-Turner, it would be good to know that the ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress will be able to soften all that movement to rock you softly like a baby. And not only that. It will also reduce the noise made by all the motion (or commotion). No more silent sliding out of the bed for those nighttime bathroom trips plus more playtime with kids and family!

Support and Conformity

Sleepers who prefer a soft feel will love the ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It conforms to the sleeper’s body to give it its needed lumbar support and it does a pretty good job relieving pressure points. Back and side sleepers will mostly find this to be true.

Stomach sleepers may find this mattress topper a little soft for their comfort as it may not fully support the hips. They may find a friend in latex mattress toppers though as those are firmer than their gel-infused counterparts.

Those who have a fear of getting stuck or those who have mobility issues may want to reconsider getting a gel-infused mattress topper. Gel-infused mattress toppers tend to give a deep-sinking feeling which can make it hard to get out of bed. Please consult a doctor for advice on this matter.


  • Good lumbar support and pressure relief for back and side sleepers
  • Breathable and perfect for hot sleepers
  • Slow-moving feel softens motion transfer


  • Stomach sleepers may not get the hip support that they need and would probably benefit more from latex toppers
  • Not very suitable for people with mobility issues due to its deep-sinking feel

Overall, there’s a lot to love about this mattress as on the areas where it’s got some shortcomings is easily compensated by some of its awesome features.

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I know that the cover can be machine-washed and dried. Can the memory foam be cleaned in the same manner?

A: No. It should only be spot-cleaned with water and detergent.

Where can I get a ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

A: The Viscosoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress can be purchased in the Viscosoft website and on

What are Viscosoft’s trial and warranty policy?

A: ViscoSoft allows a 60-day return from the date of original purchase and they offer a 10-year warranty. Please visit their website for more information.

Final Thought

Regardless of your comfort preference, the ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper has a variety of sizes, firmness, and density to choose from. It is best suited for the cool, quiet, soft sleeping experience.

If you prefer a firmer mattress topper, ViscoSoft has other models of mattress toppers to choose from which you check out on their website.

The ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper composition appears to be durable and would last you a long way. Given that they have a 60-day return policy (and given that the circumstances are covered by the terms and conditions), it would not hurt to try ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper for that well-deserved shut-eye.

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