How to Wash Bed Sheets – Proven Tips

how to wash bed sheets

The bed is a sort of heavenly place where you start your fresh morning and end your exhausting day. You are likely to spend about one-fourth of your life in your bed. Then why not you make it the cleanest and one of the comfortable spots in your house? You can surely create a soothing environment by applying the perfect way to wash, dry, and reserve your bed sheet, which will let you to sleep peacefully. By this post we are going to discuss about some proven tips about how to wash bed sheets?

Imagine yourself sleeping in your bed sheets at bedtime and suddenly find out that your sheets are not clean and you are damn uncomfortable seeing your crinkled bed sheets. Isn’t it so irritating?

Nothing is more irritating than seeing your bedsheets with dirt and full of smudge. However, don’t worry. I will assist you with some simple and effective steps in this article that I believe will surely help you to have an incredibly tight night’s sleep.

Best Tips: How to Wash Bed Sheets

1. Use mild detergent

If your bed sheet is of pure cotton then you must be sure that you avoid using any sort of strong detergent. Otherwise, your bed sheet cloth will surely be damaged. Mild cleaning detergent is optimal for your silk and satin fabricated bed sheets also.

2. Wash at least once a week

In this busy world of works all day its normal to not remember about cleaning your bed sheet. It’s Ok.! But as you clean your clothes frequently you are ought to clean your bed sheets too.

3. Use hot water

According to research, it is suggested to use hot water. Better to use the hottest temperature water. It is like, the hotter the water you use, the more you are killing the germs of your bed sheets. If you are having allergies then it is must important for you to use hot water for your bed sheets as they remove all dust particles. It will stop the antigen from sticking it to your fabric sheets.

 4. Split by shade

Separate your sheets if you have more than one sheet to clean at a time. Otherwise dark shades might sometimes bleed into your lighter shades bed sheet and it will end up with a total mess. Also, remember to turn over the bedsheets once in every week. This will help the bedsheets look fresh and clean.

5. Get help from expert

If you think that you are much busy in your work and don’t have time for cleaning and ironing your bed sheets then get them into your nearby laundry services. They will certainly help your bed sheets to be fresh, clean, and free from germs.

6. Use the best products for cleaning

There are different types of detergents and shampoos available in supermarkets that can help your bed sheets in getting rid of dirt and germs. You may find some detergent with fabric conditioners that will make your crinkled bed sheets free of wrinkles and keep it soft.

Also, while you purchase your cleaning products, first remember to read through the label given to buying the perfect one.

Washing Bed Sheets by Hand

If your bed sheet isn’t that much dirty then it will be better if you wash with hand. It will also be best to hand wash if your bed sheets have sloppy fabricate to avoid any kind of twitch in your sheets.

Washing with hands works better on silk and satin fabric because this type of fabric is very delicate to let them stay to be washed in a washing machine.

This technique will stretch out the using time of your sheets rather than using a washing machine.

Steps of hand washing

  • First of all, you must ensure that you wash your sheets in lukewarm water.
  • Use mild detergent.
  • Place your sheets in a big clean sink or tub with lukewarm water and mix all of them with detergent.
  • Then gently do a swishing motion with your hands in the water for a few minutes.
  • Avoid scrubbing or twisting your bed sheets.
  • Give your bed sheets a whirl and then remove them from the sink.
  • Remove all the soapy water, and refill the sink using clean and lukewarm water.
  • Rinse your bed sheets and repeat this step until the water is free from soap.

To keep your bed sheets soft, brighten, and whiten use vinegar. It will remove odor from clothes without all those bleak chemicals. Don’t worry.! It is totally safe to use vinegar. It will not fade the color of your clothes and it’s affordable too.

Washing Bed Sheets by Washing Machine

While washing your bed sheets with washing machines use the hottest water on the washer. It is totally safe for your fabric. If your bed sheets are of cotton then it will easily put up with hot water. Warm water is also better for your Polyester mixture.

Steps of Machine Washing

  • Don’t overload your washer otherwise your bed sheets will not be perfectly clean.
  • While washing sheets use washer’s mild cycle.
  • Use low heat to dry to prevent your sheets from getting crinkled.
  • Avoid squeezing your sheets in each load because bed sheets need a lot of space to be perfectly clean.
  • Be sure not to over-dry the bed sheets.

Vinegar can be used for your bed sheets to make them soft and brighter. Don’t worry.! It is totally safe to use vinegar. There will be no odor left in your bed sheets. Vinegar is affordable and you can find it anytime and anywhere. And the important thing is that it won’t fade the color of your cloth. Isn’t it fantastic?


As you slip out your mattress is refurbishing your bed keep in mind that; The simplest luxury is moving smoothly into your clean and fresh bed sheets! You already know how to wash bed sheets. So now you have your brand new clean set of bed sheets on hand. So, without wasting your time, slip on them and take a long blissful sleep. Happy sleeping!