How to Wash a Throw Pillow: Easy Cleaning Tips

how to wash a throw pillow

Whenever you are at home and lay down on your sofa then you surely will want to catch a cushy Throw pillow and keep it close to you. Throw pillow adds a comfy feeling to your living rooms sofas, chairs, and beds, and make your home look more attractive and appealing.

Throw Pillow is presented itself to be our penny-pinching friends. At the end of a long day, they furnish comfort and shore up. However, just like any companion, it’s vital to look after your Throw Pillows. You just can’t forget your Throw pillows.

How to Wash a Throw Pillow

You can’t have sneaking suspicion that they’ll always be neat and brand new. They will get filthy and smelly. And when that will happen your bosom buddy won’t be so welcoming and convenient to use.!

This could leave you wonderstruck what the best strategy is for cleaning these germ-swarmed comfort things. We have turned over deep to you so that you can come across the absolute best data so you can keep your Throw Pillow cuddles to the maximum!

Equipment You Will Need to Wash a Throw Pillow

While washing a Throw Pillow you will find that this task is not a tough job but it can be slow and sluggish. But if you don’t know the right technique and perfect tools then it will surely be a time-consuming task.

So, let’s go and straight look at the appropriate items that you need to wash your Throw Pillow properly. All you need is the following:

  • Warm or hot water
  • A Vacuum cleaner with stuffing
  • Large bowl or tub
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cloth Towel
  • Cleanser – detergent or a mild soap with bacteria rival

Let’s start Washing

You will have two parts to your Throw pillow, first all of the cover parts, and next is the inner part. The inner part is generally made of foam or feathers or some stuff of fiber-fill. The outer Cover part is commonly made of any fiber. For better results, you should clean the Cover part and inner part one at a time when possible.

Cleaning the Cover part 

For removing easily most covers have zippers. If the cover part is sewn shut, you can use a seam ripper to open a seam at one edge and wash it comfortably.

If you cannot safely remove the cover, then look at the following steps to identify the fabric.

  • Check whether the fabric of your pillow is washable or not. If it’s washable then you can put the entire pillow into the laundry.
  • If the material of your pillow is delicate or dyes run, then you’ll vacuum or beat the pillow by hand to get rid of dust and soil.

If your pillow starts to stink then don’t worry. Sprinkle baking soda on the pillow and let it sit and set for a few moments. Then vacuum it off.

You can also put you foam pillows in the sun occasionally which will let it remove all the bacterial things as you know sun rays are effective in disinfecting your clothes.

To launder the cover, follow the instructions below:

  • Machine-wash:

If you are planning to wash your cover in a washing- machine, then you must use cold water on the tactical way. If you are washing more than colorful covers at a time, then keep in mind to separate into whites and darks. Use a lukewarm detergent made for fine quality fabrics.

  • Dry:

If you want to dry, first soak up with a clean and white towel. Line dry or dry flat. While using a dryer, make sure to set the temperature too low to prevent it from being bashful. After removing your cover from the dryer, hold up to bring back the shape.

  • Hand Wash:

To wash your pillow with hand then first you have to fill a tub with normal cold water. For better result its good if you use a mild detergent. Then very gently squash the water and detergent together through the fabric. You will need to wash several times to remove all the soap detergent. At last, let them dry on the Sun.

Cleaning the Inner part 

Your pillow’s inner material would be most commonly stuffed in with fiber-fill and feathers which can be easily be washed in a machine. But in case if the inner part is filled in with foam then you have to wash with hand.

  • Machine-wash:

While cleaning with a washing machine then it’s better to wash at least two pillows at a time. Then fill the machine with cold water and sprinkle detergent and then add your pillows. Keep it to wash gently.

After taking them from the washer floss the pillows and put them into a dyer. It’s the right choice to use low heat for the pillows which are filled with fabric materials and to use medium heat for the pillows which are filled with dry feathers. During the Drying, remember to fluff for quite a few moments.

  • Dry:

If you want to dry then first of all squeeze as much water out from the foam as much as you can. You can put it flatly on a drying rack until the inner part is fully dry. Remember not to put foam in a dryer near heat or flame.

  • Hand Wash:

To wash your pillows inner foam with hand then first you have to fill a tub with normal cold water. Use mild detergent. Drench your pillow and then squeeze to wash. Now to rinse, squash them again in clean water several times. Let them dry.

What to Do If Throw Pillows Don’t Have A Cover

In-case your pillows don’t have a cover, then you can follow the below options:

  • Dry-cleaning:

If your Throw pillows are made from a soft fabric, take them to the dry cleaner.

  • Spot Cleaning:

Gently use a soaked sponge or cloth to smudge away stains or dirt. Then allow them to air dry.

  • Machine Wash:

Follow the instructions given above.


That’s all you need! hope you understand how to wash a throw pillow! Make sure to wash your Throw pillows at least once every 2/3 months if you want to get a fresh feeling. In case you have pets who always run on your sofa or beds then you might have to increase the washing times to get rid of their germs.