How Should I Sleep with Neck Pain

how should i sleep with neck pain

Everyone has experienced neck pain at some point in their lives. It is one of those common injuries that you don’t really know how you got it. You also don’t know how you are going to get rid of it, so you just have to deal with it. Most of the time, it just goes away on its own though. When it persists, it would be time to go see a doctor. The medical professional may instruct you to do certain things that you must obey so that the neck pain would go away. Sleep with pain is really difficult, by this post we going to know about how should I sleep with neck pain!

The doctor will also tell you to do things that will help prevent it from happening again in the future, After all, who would want to experience something like that? It is going to prevent you from doing all the things you are supposed to do each day.

Proven Tricks: How Should I Sleep with Neck Pain

What are the most common causes of neck pain and what can you do to reduce neck pain, so that the painful combination of neck pain and sleep is a thing of the past.

In recent days many people have experienced neck pain while sleeping. You may wake up with a stiff neck or a headache. And you soon think that you may have been ‘wrong’, but what exactly is that? And more importantly: how do you ensure that you sleep well and wake up without pain?

Here are some proven tricks that help you to sleep with neck pain:

Change Sleeping Position

It is never good for your neck if you are sleeping on your stomach. It is the most uncomfortable sleeping position of them all. Barely anybody will be able to sleep with that kind of position. It would be better to sleep on your back or on your side. Of course, choose the sleeping position that will make you sleep the fastest.

There can be a few days where you can test several sleeping positions so you will find out which one works best for you. After finding that out, you can stick with that for the future until you find a better one.

Ditch the Phone

When you are always looking at your phone to see if anybody has texted or messaged you on Facebook, it is going to stress your neck a lot. It would be better to switch your mobile phone to silent mode or turn it off. If you do that, you won’t be concerned with anybody messaging you. Besides, it is the time of the day when you must stop worrying about that.

You can just worry about it in the early morning the next day. To all those people you were not able to reply to, you can just tell them that you fall asleep and they would completely understand.

One great idea would be to keep your phone inside a compartment so that you would not have to deal with it anymore. You know you will wake up the next morning seeing a lot of messages. Hence, don’t forget to tell everyone that you are calling it a night. No matter how new your phone is, it is not worth paying too much attention to it and risk getting neck pain the next day.

Besides, you have a lot of time to go over your phone when you wake up the next day. At night, your mission would be getting at least 7 hours of sleep so you would feel energized the next day.

Change the Pillow

There are a lot of pillows made with the mission of relieving neck pain in mind. Check out the materials for certain pillows and find out if you will feel comfortable using them at night. You will definitely test them at the pillow store so you will find out right away if they are compatible during your sleep.

When you have an emotional connection with the pillow during the first few days that you use it, you know you made the right decision to invest in it. Also, you must take note of the instructions regarding washing the pillow as there will be a time when you would need to do that.

Choose the Right Mattress

Your pillow can only do its job if your mattress also provides sufficient support. Whatever your preferred sleeping position, you should aim for a straight spine for the best night’s sleep.

With side sleepers and back sleepers, the shoulders and hips should sink a little into the mattress. But your bed shouldn’t become a hammock either. A mattress that is too soft will cause tension on your back and muscles. Your body then continues working at night and you still get up with pain.

Never Sleep on Your Stomach

Did you know that when you sleep on your stomach, your vertebrae are forced in many places? As a result, blood circulation is poor and muscles, tendons and ligaments are constantly under high tension.

It would be much better to sleep on your back, or on your side, but with a Sleeping buddy so that you cannot tilt forward in your sleep. And ofcourse a good supportive pillow that does not collapse or deform.

Make Small Exercises with Your Neck

During the day it is good to do some neck exercises now and then. Simply turn left and right once, gently forwards and backward and a ‘circle’ to the left and right. This keeps your muscles flexible and moving.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking enough water is always good for health. Also drinking water, tea or fluids is good for the circulation of your entire body, including your neck. Waste products are removed and the intervertebral discs remain well hydrated.

What is the best sleeping position for the neck?

The best position for the neck is to lie on your side using a good head pillow and a body pillow. Due to the Comfortable Body Pillow, the torso is not turned forward as in the stable side position. The spine and neck are in a neutral position.

The neck can relax optimally through the combination of body pillow and the Hi4 Deluxe Pillow. The body cushion provides a neutral position of the cervical vertebrae and the head cushion for even support.


It would be a great idea to take good care of your neck. After all, it would not be wise to take pain killers as that would affect your kidney when the time comes. It would be better to take natural medicine that gets plant ingredients. Another thing to do would be to do the proper neck exercises so that your muscles in that area would move freely. And you will get the best answer about how should I sleep with neck pain?

Besides, your muscles may have a hard time moving so you must do something about it. It is a good thing there are a lot of tutorial videos regarding how to do them in the correct way. If you don’t do it properly, nothing may happen.