Sleepgram Pillow Reviews 2020: PREMIUM Adjustable Loft Pillow

Are you a combo sleeper? You might be finding that you need several pillows offering different levels of firmness so that you will get properly supported pillow for sleeping your favorite positions. The revolutionary 3 pillows in 1 design feature sleepgram pillow is a customizable pillow which gives prominence to cotton, crisp cover and it comes with two inner pillows that can be a more supportive pillow with polyester microfiber. Let’s start sleepgram pillow reviews for getting more info about a pretty good contender for this sleepgram pillow, especially if you are a fan of the feel of a feather and down pillow.

If you choose sleepgram pillow you can have three pillows in one buy, which will help you get a sweet night of sleep. The beginning motivation was to create sleepgram pillows for those people who want a healthy sleep without a problem or free from tension and stress. Also this pillow is dedicated to offering the correct support to your head. Because if your pillows are not taken care of your sleep you will wake up with a tired and steady feelings because of uncomforted sleep.

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The sleepgram down alternative pillow comes with an outer shell and two inner pillows you which you can insert and remove until finding the best support position for your body. It is very adjustable and soft with the ability to take out a layer to get your perfect softness and firmness! Also can easily customize the amount of neck support your pillow provides for better spine health.

All the down alternative sleepgram pillows are clutches-free and hypoallergenic. So when you sleep in this down pillow you might be experience sneezing and facial breakouts.

What is Sleepgram Pillows?

This is the Sleepgram dream sleep pillow, Sleepgram’s the company. The sleepgram pillow design by Sleepgram’s company, this pillow outside is just like other pillow but there are two inner pillows inside here. All the pillows cover fabric is made from 100 percent cotton and down alternative like filled with microfiber fillings.

There is a zipper in the main pillow when you unzip the whole thing then you are going to see another two separate inner pillows. One of them has a red tag on the end is a firmer and thicker pillow. The other one with the blue tag is a little bit softer pillow.

So these 3 in 1 sleepgram pillow allows you to make a combination with all these three pillows that will give you a soft, medium and medium-firm feelings. Also this all pillow is machine washable and dryable so you can easily wash and dry. Also it hypoallergenic and this pillow comes with a 100-night sleep trial.

How to Pick the Perfect Pillow?

Sleeping on a worn-out and flattened pillow will not only make you feel uncomfortable through the night but also make you wake up exhausted in the morning. Here are some quick tips to help you find the perfect pillow.

  • The fill of the pillow is a very crucial factor to consider when you’re shopping for pillows. Make sure you get the right fill that supports your sleeping position and match your comfort level.
  • Always opt for hypoallergenic and dust-mite free pillows otherwise the pillow might start growing mold over time.
  • The size of pillows are preference varies from person to person. Make sure you get the one that’s suitable for your preference.
  • If the fabric of the cover is uncomfortable then it will not let you have a sound sleep and defeat the overall purpose of getting a new pillow. The pillow cover should be made out of high-quality material that will protect the pillow against sweat and stains to increase its lifecycle.
  • The pillow and the cover should be machine washable to reduce the hassle of handwashing.

Sleepgram Pillow Reviews: The Features that make your night better

Here we pick the key benefit and features of Sleepgram pillows:

  1. The Sleepgram pillow is a customizable pillow that is three pillows in one
  2. Allergy-resistant materials and adjustable nature make it more comfortable.
  3. Included Components: Cotton, Premium Microfiber, Polyester
  4. The two inner pillows and outside pillow can be arranged to adjust to any sleeping position
  5. Machine washable and dryable
  6. Hypoallergenic
  7. 100 percent cotton fiver
  8. Easy to wash and dry
  9. Greater value with a standard-sized pillow

Sleepgram Pillow Specs:

Filling: Down Alternative, Polyester Fiberfill

Loft: Adjustable

Comfort Positions: All

Warranty: 100-night sleep trial

Pros and Cons For Sleepgram pillows


  • Versatile and easily adjusted to fit any sleep position or firmness.
  • Fully adjustable and machine washable
  • All three pillows Super easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It comes with a guide with helpful information on how to use the pillow


  • May take a few nights to find the right adjustment.
  • Inner pillows are extra soft.

Personal Thoughts:

The Sleepgram pillow provides a sweet night’s of sleep to the people who try it.  Because of all the Sleepgram pillows including down pillows. Here are some more features that help you to choose a quality pillow:

A potential solution for allergies

If you suffering from allergy ho is easily irritated by feathers or chemical smells, you should appreciate the Sleepgram pillow. These pillows use cotton material as a down alternative which gives you the super feel of real down without causing irritation in sleepers.

Ease of Use

Sleepgram pillow is very easy to make necessary adjustments. The main pillows zipper is well made and slides easily, also allowing for the pillow to be quickly opened.

After washing the pillow, the microfiber will clump a bit, but this can be fluffed with your hands or by throwing it in the dryer.


The pillow is with 100% cotton cover. The insert pillows and zippers are all well-made with quality materials. The stitching seems tight, but we did read a couple of reviews about stitching issues in the course of our Sleepgram pillow review, so this wasn’t entirely unexpected.

They give you 100 days trial to love it or send it back. Also this pillow offers a 5-year warranty, though.

Design Quality

The design quality of Sleepgram pillows deserved a top rating. This hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant pillow is designed to work for anyone regardless of their height preference; and it really does work. After washing these pillows it’s easy due to the long fiberfill that helps it not to clump.

Ease of Cleaning

All the Sleepgram pillows are 100% machine washable and dryable.

Sleepgram Pillow Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The Sleepgram pillows how long last?

Ans: For hygienic reasons, most experts suggest swapping out a pillow every six months. Most of the pillow including the Sleepgram pillow can easily last two years and more if carefully wash, dry and keep.

Q. Can Sleepgram pillows be washed?

Ans: The 3 in 1 Sleepgram pillow is very easy to wash and dry. You can be machine washed on the gentle cycle by using a mild liquid detergent on medium or low heat. All three pillows can wash together but for the best results, wash two pillows at a time to balance the load.

Q. Does Sleep Hot With Sleepgram Pillows?

Ans: If you sleep with Sleepgram pillow it’s never you fill hot, the pillow is extremely breathable. This pillows microfibers are lightweight and air easily flows through them, so it is very hard for hot to be trapped this pillow. Also this pillows outer cover made with 100 percent cotton, so its a Percale weave known of its breathable nature as well.

Final Words

Hope already get your point by reading our Sleepgram pillow reviews, really these 3-in-1 Sleepgram pillows are extremely comfortable and the best part is, they come at the budget-friendly price tag. This pillow is an outstanding choice for all positions of sleepers. Rest assured that the Sleepgram Pillows will give you full support throughout the night and you’ll not have to toss and turn the pillow over and over again.

Sweet Dreams!

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