Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper Reviews

The urge to lay down on the bed after a long hard day is hard to resist. All you can think of is sleeping like a baby but the next day you wake up with sore back and neck. Sounds familiar, right? You’re probably blaming yourself for getting the rock hard mattress for a bucket load of money. Well, no matter how good your mattress is, without a good mattress topper it will all come back to square one. Today you are going to read our complete lucid bamboo charcoal mattress topper reviews.

If you’re looking for a solution to get a comfortable sleep at night then you’re in for a treat. The bamboo mattress is made with a viscose rayon that offers excellent comfortability. It has a higher softness level with superior temperature control feature that will let you sleep like a baby.

There are tons of different bamboo mattresses out there in the market. So, how do you choose the perfect one for yourself? We have designed the lucid bamboo charcoal mattress topper reviews to help you find your match made in heaven.


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The size of the mattress topper is an important feature to consider as they come in a variety of different sizes. There is no point in getting a mattress topper only to find later that it doesn’t fit your bed size.

Whether you have a king-size bed or a full-size, the Lucid mattress topper has got you covered. It comes in six different sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Also, it comes in different thickness levels: 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch. You can surely find the perfect mattress topper with your preferred version of comfort and thickness.

Memory Foam

Memory foams are known for their superior comfortability. The mattress topper comes with a plush memory foam construction that conforms to the contours of your body to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. Gone are the days of waking up with sore muscles, if you have this baby handy.

All the mattress toppers regardless of their thickness level offer the same kind of comfort and conforming feel. However, a thicker one will give a better sink which will cradle to your body more compared to a thinner one.

The memory foam helps to ease back pain and relieve sore muscles. It also effectively keeps away odor-causing bacteria and dust mites. The best part of this mattress topper is that it’s completely hypoallergenic so, if you have issues with allergies and struggling to find the perfect mattress topper then this one is an outstanding choice for you.

However, the topper has a lingering smell to it. Lucid confirms that the smell will go away in about 48-hours. Once the smell of the foam fades away, you will get a subtle fragrance from the lavender and bamboo infusion.


The mattress topper has multiple layers to ensure the utmost comfort. The top layer is infused with gel that helps to regulate temperature and prevents over-heating. The lavender layer and the bamboo charcoal layer help to prevent odor and bacteria buildup to keep the mattress topper good as new for years.

The traditional mattress toppers have no ventilation which makes them unable to regulate the temperature. However, the Lucid bamboo charcoal mattress has superior ventilation that lets the airflow and enables you to rest more comfortably.


The mattress topper provides sufficient support for all kinds of sleeping positions. We suggest you choose the thickness level depending on your sleeping position. If you’re a stomach sleeper then you should go for 2-inch or 3-inch thickness variants. Side sleepers and back sleepers may choose any thickness level based on their preference.

Cleaning Process

The Lucid bamboo charcoal mattress topper is fairly easy to clean. Lucid toppers usually don’t come with any cover. You can clean the topper with mild detergent and moist cloth. You can use a mattress protector to get rid of the harsh stains.

These processes will make no compromise to the quality of the topper. However, make sure that you read the instruction provided by Lucid to ensure that the topper is properly cleaned without any deterioration in quality.


Lucid cares about its customer and their satisfaction are the highest priority. They offer an excellent warranty scheme with this mattress topper. You will get a 3-year warranty with this topper. They’re highly confident about the products and you will also get a 120-days free trial option.

The warranty will be valid for 120-days from the date of purchase. If you feel that this is not the right choice for you then you can claim for refund or replacement. then you can always return it and get a full refund.


  • Hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant
  • Comes in multiple different sizes
  • 120-days free trial
  • Available in several thickness levels
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Air ventilation to adjust the temperature
  • Affordable


  • The initial smell takes 48-hours to fade away


  1. Does the mattress topper help to reduce back pain?

Ans: The Lucid charcoal bamboo mattress topper has a memory foam that helps to reduce muscle and back pain. It may not reduce the pain completely but it will help you get some relief. Also, you will not have any back pain when you wake up in the morning.

  1. Is the mattress topper suitable for back sleepers?

Ans: Yes, this mattress topper is an excellent choice for back sleepers. You can choose from different thickness levels to get maximum comfort.

  1. What is the trial and return policy for the Lucid mattress topper?

Ans: You will get a 120-days trial offer with this mattress. If you’re not satisfied within the given time then you can always ask for a refund or replacement.

Final Thoughts

Bamboo mattress toppers are not only soft but they will improve your sleep quality to a great extent. It’s highly breathable and you will be able to sleep with the ultimate comfort throughout the night.

We have designed the Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Topper reviews with all the essential details that will help you make the final decision. Do give this one a try and don’t forget to let us know your experience.

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