How To Haircut at Home Like a Pro-Hairdresser

Countries are transitioning from a do-not-panic state to a complete shutdown relatively fast, characterized by skyrocketing daily infection rates. While people hole up in their homes due to safety concerns, businesses are experiencing a downward spiral. The Coronavirus has brought the world economies to a standstill with traveling restrictions, quarantines, and social distancing measures. In such a crisis time, conducting business is an uphill task. In these crisis times, everyone wants to know how to haircut at home? because haircut becomes one of the stream problems because of movement restriction.

I agree and believe me, I do feel your pain and understand where you are coming from. As the virus lays to waste “business as usual,” you’ve done everything in your power to push the seemingly long days. From general house cleaning to cleaning the nook and cranny of your apartment, there seems to be nothing else to do apart from grooming yourself.

Looking in the mirror after a hot steamy shower, it hits you hard in the gut that you need the essential services of your barber more than ever. Some have entrusted their partners or better halves to do the job resulting in less desirable outcomes. Others independently carry out the job amid shaky hands. This article looks into tips on how to haircut at home without having such ridiculous outcomes. Indulge.

Do You Really Need That HairCut?

First off, do you really need it? Erickson Arunnategui, a New York Hairdresser jest that a large portion of the stars in the styling business required as long as ten years to employ trimmers and scissors like experts they are. In spite of a plenty of online instructional exercises about cutting your hair, it doesn’t make it any simpler for an amateur grasping trimmers or scissors. Chances are you’re in for the ride of your life. His best bet is that the outcome won’t be desirable. However, there are indications that you need a hair cut ASAP- split ends.

You don’t want your hair to continue splitting and causing damage to your hair shaft. It would lead to irreversible damage to your hair strands. Split ends usually occur after three to four months after a haircut. Therefore, don’t fret. You should have enough time. If your hair isn’t feeling brittle, don’t cut it. Let’s explore some pro tips about how to haircut at home?

Trimming a Full Head

Clippers do a good job when it comes to trimming and come with a variety of detachable guards. They get typically designed in such a way that the lower the guard number, the more hair gets cut. A word of advice is to always start with a higher guard to create more room for error. Start with the side of the head and finish with the top.

Trimming Thick, Curly or Wavy Hair

Kathryn Mercury of haven hair salon insists that trimming such hair isn’t a walk in the park. She insists that it’s so difficult that rather than attempting it, she would encourage the use of products to curl up the hair. Even though one may have longer hair, they would appear closer to the head and less bushy. She advocates for styling paste or creams to add weight to the hair without making it look wet.

Trimming Your Bangs

You might be leaned to wet your bangs prior to managing however don’t. Mercury demands that it’s smarter to manage them when dry since you can tell its careful length. Managing them when wet might prompt trimming them excessively short because of the hair’s contracting factor.

Give Your Hairdresser a Call

Despite the myriad of online tips on how to haircut at home, you may still feel overwhelmed or worse even, lack faith in your shaky hands. You also don’t need to suffer as a result of being under-confident with your skills. Phone your hairdresser. They’d rather talk you through it than have you hate yourself for doing it. Since they understand your hair, they are in a much better position to equip you with the necessary tips on how to ensure you get the best out of the experience.

Do You Need to Cut Wet or Dry?

A pony, the only thing that you can cut without too much risk, is better to cut dry, otherwise you will quickly cut too much. Make sure you keep looking straight at the mirror and don’t lift your chin, then you change the angle relative to your eyebrows and cut too short. You should also use clippers on dry hair but better wet hair for the rest of the procedure.

Do not try to cut layers and slanted strands. If you cut your own hair you actually do that a bit by feeling and if you then cut layers in your hair it can sometimes go completely wrong. You also need to master a certain technique for cutting layers. So stick to the basics and those are the points.

Can You Cut Your Hair with Normal Scissors?

We all realize that there are days when you don’t want to deal with yourself down to the last detail. Everybody has those minutes and that is close to ordinary. It is decent in the event that you realize that you have progressed significantly with the right material and accordingly don’t need to put forth a better than expected attempt. Since You can’t trim your hair with typical scissors likes kitchen scissors! There is a valid justification hair specialists utilize proficient Scissors or trims. It will fix things such that a lot simpler to get a spotless edge when you have proficient shears or outings.

Because the blades of the In Control collection consist of 100% stainless steel and are sharpened, you can finish your shave up to 25% faster. Regular blades are punched and are therefore less sharp. Moreover, they do not retain their quality for as long. There are a number of things in life that you definitely should not save on in our view and a good, high-quality hair clipper is certainly one of them. So take your time and see which of the 8 hair clippers best suits your personal needs.


As much as we tend to think that hair trimming is rocket science, it’s not. During such unpredictable times, we don’t know how long we’ll get holed up indoors. We get to have a feel of the lack of essential, simple services such as having an appointment with your barber, so you should need to know about how to haircut at home? However, this can be avoided as you could always seek their advice before pulling off a D-I-Y move. They are always a phone call away.

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